I threw up on The Left Show’s website and it spilled over here!

Oct 11

The cost of living is increased because living now includes technology that we THINK we need. We as a society are shooting ourselves in the collective foot because we keep adding to our personal cost of living. For a one time fee of $20 give or take (for old school television) we can get FREE HD “entertainment” from an antenna that has more channel choices than basic cable (when you figure that about 2/3rds of the channels on basic cable are not worthy of being called entertainment).
We are still a nation of bigger, better, faster, more (yeah, 4 Non Blondes reference… choke it down and move on). Every 2 years we have to upgrade our toys. WHY???? When we look for someone to blame in our cost of living woes, we need but look in the mirror. We will not be a satisfied consumer society until we have consumed all… including ourselves.

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