World War II Veterans Are Now Hipsters! Hooray!

Oct 09

I wanted to avoid double tapping content between here and my Facebook page, but this image was too good that I wanted to include it here.
With all the mainstream media barking about the hippies/hipsters who are a part of the #OccupyWallStreet movement, I found this picture to be a much needed sigh of relief. If one actually looks beyond the surface of what the media forces us to see, one may actually find the truth.
Its not about politics. Its not about religion. Its about “The Iron Heel” that is crushing millions of people in the name of profits and policy.
*The Iron Heel by Jack London… a good read.

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An obsolete Statue of Liberty retires and begins long walk back to France

Oct 07

The end of an era: Statue of Liberty leaves America for France

After 125 years of diligent service, the Statue of Liberty was forced to retire today. In an emotional ceremony attended by tens of Americans, President Barack Obama thanked Lady Liberty for overstaying her welcome. “Your message was one of hope for millions of poor and weak individuals across the globe seeking the promise of the American Dream. Unfortunately, that dream is no longer available for American citizens, much less any other emigrant or refugee.”
After the 151 foot symbol of America’s policy for welcoming the world’s huddled masses made her descent off of Liberty Island, Arizona governor Jan Brewer and Texas governor Rick Perry were heard saying “yee haw” and some other nonsense about “contracts for fencing”. When asked about his reaction, the Texas governor stuttered and stammered what could best be deciphered as “gurgity ploo, sayanora de los mehicanos… spizzle dizzle dee dee.”
Lady Liberty said in her farewell address, “I look forward to returning to the land of my birth; the political and meteorological climates are very appealing and to be honest, I have been watching the Jersey Shore for 125 years. If my hands had not been full, I would’ve slit my wrists ages ago!”

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Oct 06

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I have my fair share of biases. Regrettably, I have yet to evolve into a higher state of being or consciousness that allows me to see entirely beyond the scope of my own experience. I am human and am therefore limited by my own perceptions just like you. And I feel that it is imperative for all of us to understand that PERCEPTION IS REALITY. What I may interpret as reprehensible someone else may deem morally justifiable. What I hope is simply that when perusing this digital receptacle of my brain’s spewings you will understand that I do not see myself as being on some pedestal (though I am sure at times I will come off as doing just that) nor do I see myself as some self-absorbed, know-it-all pushing my ethos upon readers to create an army of mini-me’s. I am just a guy who has a perspective and a passion for equality, justice and liberty. And comics. And Packer’s football.
Feel free to leave comments; unless you are douche.
Thanks for visiting,
The Overzealous Underachiever

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